An introduction to event consultancy

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With the ever changing world of event support, event consultancy fills the gap with a new approach for in house event teams and those tasked with pulling together events enabling them to get in-depth independent industry expertise and support at its source.

This new Event Consultancy service allows you to be selective over the support you need and ensures you receive best value from every aspect of the project. Often with sound advice and precision buying, consultants can save more than their own cost!

By applying our wealth of experience and knowledge an event consultant can help you plan efficiently, open doors to industry specialists and introduce experts and discounted suppliers. Not forgetting that by using an event consultant it is an investment in knowledge as they transfer their expertise to you and your team.

The right event consultant has built up a wealth of knowledge from working as Event Directors for a minimum of 10 years and will have expertise across a diverse range of event disciplines. They will also have technical expertise at their core to compliment their strategic communication skills which is a pre-requisite when operating in the role of Event Director.

An event consultant can help you

Clarify objectives and relevant messaging.

  • Create a production plan from project brief to final delivery
  • Allocate budget and clarify the implications of differing levels of spend in each area
  • Create relevant staging and technical solutions
  • Outline the production resources necessary
  • Sourcing and recommending appropriate suppliers and experts

The event consultant can then either direct or support your own team or pull together an experienced production team to handle the implementation stages.

  • Production management
  • Creative and content design and management
  • Technical and staging
  • Delegate logistics
  • Environmental and regulatory management

With on-site implementation including

  • Rig and build management
  • Content coordination
  • Show or event direction
  • Delegate or guest logistics and management
  • De-rig management

Assessing the effectiveness of any event is vital and here your event consultant will from the outset;

  • Establish and create measurement criteria
  • Determine audience viewpoints
  • Establishing alignment of these to your goals
  • Measure the return on objectives or investment
  • Highlight areas of improvement for next time.

In conclusion the above demonstrates that an event consultant can bring solid independent knowledge into the heart of your team providing support when and where it is needed, simply and cost effectively, Passing on that knowledge to the in-house team, turning the consultancy charges into an investment for your people.

If you would like to know more about this type of service please contact me on…….

Marryat Event Consultants bring together some of the most experienced event industry professionals in the corporate marketplace.

Each of our consultants has built up a wealth of knowledge, across a diverse range of event disciplines.

We are headed by Christian Marryat, who has spent over 25 years at the top of the industry, directing events for multinational companies and businesses of all types and sizes.

Having worked within all areas of event production Christian knows how to turn strategic objectives into practical designs and technical delivery.

We are proud of the trusted, long-term business relationships we have built with our clients. These close working relationships have led to truly inspiring live events which engage audiences emotionally.

We would like to map out how we can bring this same level of engagement to your event, moving away from the conventional and forward in exciting new directions.

Email –

Phone – 01883 744 844

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