The Christmas Season is looming large … what are you up to?

So…the company has decided that there will be a Christmas party and you’ve drawn the short straw. You are in charge of making sure everyone has a great time and that the year is seen off with a bang. What are you going to do?

It’s got to be wild & extravagant for the younger element at the same time as being conservative and full of quality for your senior team members. You want a venue that wows the crowd but you don’t want to get lost in a sea of other companies’ staff at a huge event. The menu has to be tasty and presented well but also suit the tastes of an eclectic range of staff members. What entertainment should there be – if any?

Oh and don’t forget – in these difficult financial times you have half the budget you had last year!

What you need is help. Help that can provide you with ideas, support, an extra pair of hands and access to a range of discounts not normally available to occasional event holders. You don’t necessarily need a full on production company to take the whole thing off your hands – as this would start to incur the costs that you are looking to avoid. However, a single event consultant, operating on a fixed rate could provide all of the benefits of a full event company while at the same time utilising your own available internal resources.

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