Hello and thank you for having a look at my blog. I thought as an event professional of some 20+….ok…++ years, that i would share firstly the service that I offer and also some thoughts on various aspects of running events.

The huge variety of events that I have produced over the years makes for quite a long list, but the ones that I am involved with now are: Corporate Conferences, road shows, seminars, training days, parties both corporate and private (a rapidly growing field of business, but more of that later), Award shows, product launches, press launches and public events.

Over the next few weeks as we get into the slightly quieter time of summer I’ll post up my thoughts on a variety of subjects to include topics like; getting recces right, creative conferencing (with some case studies), sourcing foreign suppliers and parties.

So keep and eye out and I’ll post regularly.


Christian Marryat

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